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Smart Funding Panel

Are you struggling for working capital for your business to cope with all the uncertainties and volatilities?  Do you have a critical business initiative for your business but you are not sure where to obtain the necessary funding to implement it?  Do you feel that the bank that you have been banking with all these years is no longer supportive for your business?  Are you confused by all the issues you need to consider for a corporate finance exercise that you are taking on for your business?

Do you wish that you have someone internally like large corporates to help you figure all these out?  Through working with the CFO Centre, your business will become like a large corporate with all these resources available at your fingertips.

At the CFO Centre, we understand the challenges that SMEs face when it comes to financing.  From the lack of resources to build a comprehensive banking network to stay informed of the best lending options available, to the lack of knowledge of how to structure the most suitable corporate financing arrangement for your business.  All these often make the experience securing financing for your business unnecessary intimidating.

To support our SME community, we bring to your footstep a panel of advisors with expertise in their respective financing fields covering trade financing, bank lending to equity financing.  Not only these advisors will offer you the best advices on your funding needs, together with a member of our team, we will support you in tapping into the advisors’ financier networks to secure the necessary financing that your business deserves.

Would you like to find out how best you could secure the funding you need for your business?  Please feel free to reach out for a free consultation.



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