Three categories of business - which one describes Your Business right now?


What's needed to Survive?

  • Cash Maximisation
  • Scenario Modelling
  • Action Plan Execution
  • Government Funding
  • Bank Support / Relationship
  • Risk Mitigation


What's needed to Revive?

  • Deal with current challenges
  • Reflect on purpose and goals
  • Review/Reset of business model
  • Look for opportunities/trends
  • Strategic Planning


What's needed to Thrive?

  • Strategic Planning and Funding
  • Deal with growing pains
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Debt Management
  • Building expertise value
  • Exit Planning

Many businesses have seen some form of change during recent times – some with tough challenges, some with huge opportunities. As we look at our different scenarios for the future, it’s important that we evaluate and prioritise the next steps and how you start to navigate your way forwards.

Our team have ensured that our clients have executed plans to minimise the impact of COVID-19, found cost savings, reviewed key contracts, have secured or are securing government and bank funding initiatives, and are now planning for growth.

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the 12 box framework